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Low Carb Waffles (for one)

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Low Carb (High Protein & Fibre) Waffles

Serves 1 (or you can double/triple etc the recipe for more serves)


protein waffles



50g eggwhites

30g protein powder (WPI)

10g coconut flour

5g psyllium husk 

Dash of baking powder

Water to reach a thick consistency

Optional toppings: Sugar free maple syrup, peanut butter, chocolate sauce (made from coconut oil and cocoa or cocoa, sweetener and a dash of water), berries, coconut, nuts etc.


1. Mix all ingredients with an electric whisk until combined to a medium to thick, yet smooth consistency (If you accidentally add too much water you can add more coconut flour or psyllium husk)

2. Pour mixture in the middle of pre-heated waffle maker

3. Cook until the waffle is nice and toasted (if you want even crispier waffles, sometimes I leave mine in the oven whilst cooking more so they don't go cold)

4. Top with whatever you like and enjoy!

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