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3 Ingredient No Bake Protein Bar Slice

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This guilt free protein slice recipe is especially good for portion control since it needs to be kept in the freezer and defrosted. 

Plus it is high in protein, low in carbs, sugar-free, gluten free and dairy free!


200g rolled oats

80g protein powder (plant based or WPI)

80g peanut butter

Optional ingredients: 

- Cocoa powder (if you want a more chocolate-y flavour)

- Nuts (for some texture or crunch)

- Desiccated coconut

- Cinnamon

- Chocolate drizzle over the top (made from coconut oil and cocoa powder) **My favourite**

- Psyllium husk for extra fibre

- I have also replaced the peanut butter with coconut oil or used a 50/50 ratio (it is a little bit wetter at first but freezes the same and tastes amazing)


1. Mix all ingredients until combined

2. Add water or almond milk until it forms a smooth yet thick consistency. If you accidentally add too much liquid, you can add some more psyllium husk to help soak it up and add extra fibre

3. Pour into your slice tin and place in the freezer for 10 - 15mins or until it has begun to set 

4. Remove from freezer to slice it into 12 bars

5. Individually package each piece (it is easier to do this now when they have begun to set... if you leave it until later it can be very hard to slice or break them apart - also helps with portion control)

Macros on these are very good for a homemade protein bar!

Macros: 11C/5F/10P (132cals)

***macros include 20g unsweetened cocoa powder added

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