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Patience is a Virtue

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We're currently waiting on our next round of samples so we can ensure we are making the best product available for you.

I must admit, since this is the first business I have ever started, I am finding it hard to be patient when things out of my control slow down. For example, upon placing this final sample order, every factory was closing down for a few weeks for Chinese New Year. Now whilst I was happy that my Chinese supplier were getting to celebrate and enjoy time with their families and friends, it meant that my order would be delayed again. Therefore also photographs, marketing, launch and sales would also be delayed... and I am just so excited to get this started!

So, I just had to accept what I can't control and even see the positive side of all these things. One being I am actually a Primary School Teacher, and I was just about to go back  to work for the new year. It meant that I could focus on relaxation and preparing myself for my new class.

Besides this is a yoga and fitness business right? We're trying to make people happy. Not just people who buy our clothes, but everyone. Including me. 

Take away from this: Be patient. Be positive.

Namaste! xo


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