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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for HER - Top 10 Healthy Gift Guide 2018

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Need the perfect health-conscious gift for your best friend, girlfriend or sister this year?

Well, we have got the 10 ideas for you this Christmas!

1. Activewear (YVF of course!)

We couldn't write a list without putting ourselves at the top! Doesn't everyone want to shape up and spend some extra time outdoors in summer? Besides, no one ever has enough activewear. We all know it isn't just for the gym anymore. We have great sales this Christmas and a buy one get one free offer, so you can have a free gift for yourself or an extra present for a special someone. Use the code: BUY1GET1

2. Yoga Mat from Yoga Everywhere

If you haven't seen their mats - you're missing out! Beautiful prints from WA, NSW, QLD and other parts of the world. An excellent gift for any yoga enthusiast.

3. Copper Drink Bottle

I'm sure by now you've heard of the benefits of drinking from a copper water bottle. According to Ayuveda, it balances your doshas by positively charging the water. It has a whole host of other health benefits too such as, boosting brain and heart health, improves immunity and skin, beats arthritis and slows down aging.

4. Wireless bluetooth earbuds

Still not keen on the oversized bluetooth headphones? Well here is your answer: Small bluetooth earphones with no annoying cords!

5. INIKA Natural Make-up

These days no one wants to be putting a whole bunch of chemicals on their face and with so many natural make-up brands, now we don't have to! Check out the gorgeous vegan, organic range from Inika.

6. Massage/Spa Voucher

Who doesn't love a good massage or spa? Check out all the deals from groupon and spoil your loved one for Christmas.

7. Beewraps

I only just heard about these myself and they are the best solution to using so much plastic in lunch boxes. Reusable beewrap cloths can be used in place of cling wrap for sandwiches and wraps. Simply rinse and dry and they are ready for the next day! Say hello to a much happier environment :)

8. The Body Shop

Still one of my all-time favourite stores for beauty products. Excellent quality and you can be guaranteed their products work as they claim. I'm currently obsessed with their Vitamin E cream and after only a week, it has improved the hydration of my skin. Plenty of holiday packs and savings too!

9. Meditation by Deepak and Oprah

Know someone who loves meditation? Buy them a meditation from the Chopra Centre. These 21 day meditations from the masters themselves are enlightening and absolutely worth every cent.

10. Smart Watch Activity Tracker

Trying to stay fit? An activity tracker can keep you motivated and nudge you when necessary. Track your steps, get healthy and lose weight! They aren't all big, black and bulky anymore either. Plenty of colours to choose from including, white, pink or rose gold.


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